Insights in the architecture of nature!

Change your perception, change your world!

Connect yourself with the soul of beauty!

We are all connected!

Trust your nature!

Connect and get inspired by your inner beauty!

Happy to welcome you !

Beauty, functionality , coherence , harmony .

These are the criteria that nature uses to create .

The Sacred Geometry teaches us what are the secrets behind the art of creating and how matter manifests from the invisible energy .

What we perceive with our five senses within the energy spectrum of vibrations is extremely limited, less than 1% of the total. Our reality is what we perceive .

The study of geometry broadens our perception of ourselves and initiates us in the perception of the quantum world of infinite possibilities.

Energy is always in flux, but the way it manifests itself is geometric.

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Angélica Fonseca K.

Sacred Geometry

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Seminar / Workshop

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