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Do you also feel touched by the Beauty, Harmony and power of nature in its almost infinit variation?

Do you sometimes ask yourself why is it possible that Nature creations always demonstraste the maximum of functionality and beauty?

We live in a Universe that is in constant movement or flow. Wherever we look, whatever we hear, taste, smell or sense with our tactile sense is always changing, moving, going, passing. The movement of the Earth around the Sun and around itself, the growing and dying of living organisms, the waves in the Ocean.

Some of these movements and changes are “manifest” and we perceive them with our senses, some are “hidden” from us.  In this way, only what we can perceive with our senses “exists” and is manifest for us. Nevertheless, the Reality consists of much more than what  we can perceive with our senses.

Only to give an example, let us consider what happens when we hear Music, when an instrument is played, for instance, a guitar, and the string is plunged. The string vibrates and puts the air in movement. When the vibration of the string is between 16 per second to 20.000 times per second, we hear it. When it is above 20.000/second we do not hear it anymore, although it is there. And if vibrations are in the range or 428 Billion to 731 Billion times per second we sense these vibrations with our eyes and interpret them as colours. At the other hand, when the Energy moves so fast as the x-rays, for instance, (that moves in the range of a 3 followed by 20 zeros/ times per second), we do not notice it anymore, but it can be used to localise fractures of bones. So, what we can see and hear is within very narrow limits within the Spectrum of Energy

However, in what seems to be like a chaos of waves moving in all dir[cml_media_alt id='112']Quecksilber-siebeneck[/cml_media_alt]ections, crossing our bodies without we taking notice of them, there is a kind of order and harmony.

A seed of rice will give birth to other rice plant, human beings give birth to human beings, sea shells grows building a perfectly ever growing spiral. A form gives birth to a similar form. And without going into definitions we can say that these natural forms have a kind of harmony, which without necessarily putting it in words we are able to sense.

But, without exception, all these “forms” are growing and them decaying.

So, one may ask – “Is there anything that is unchangeable, fix, immutable” ? (taking apart our conditioning, of course…) “Are there universal laws”? “Can we got to know some of them”? “If we get to know some of these laws, can we them objectively use them in order to consciously put ourselves in contact with this cosmic harmony, in order to create harmonic buildings, harmonic gardens and so on? Does the action of consciously creating harmony inside bring harmony outside or vice-versa?

The answer to all these questions is YES.

The visible is the bridge to the invisible.

Sacred Geometry is the bridge leading to the harmonious formations in nature and its laws, bringing us closer to them and making them tangible.

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October 2017 – Brazil

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Angélica Fonseca K.

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